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I love helping people! For me, it is a great honor to serve as a trusted advisor to my clients. Through years of listening and learning, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that when people seek an attorney to help them, they want someone who will listen, understand their problem and give them sensible, practical advice, based on a thorough understanding of the law. I have found that listening and understanding is foundational to delivering the right solution.

I gave up wearing ties years ago. Mostly because I really don’t like wearing them. But also, because when a client sits down in my office, I want them thinking about their problem and how we can work together to solve it. I don’t want a stuffy atmosphere that stifles good communication. Most of the people I work with have needs that fall into one or more of three categories: Business, Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate.

Business Law

  It is a great honor to have served so many of the Hill Country’s finest business men and women in starting, buying, building, operating or selling their business. I take great pride in getting that phone call from a long time client when they say, “Hey, I want to run something by you.” Business is competitive and we work with our clients to make sure they have the tools in place to successfully employment relationships, investors, vendors, landlords and owners-to-be. We work hard to earn the trust that gets us the phone calls I described. When opportunities or problems arise, we work diligently to bring creative solutions to the table. Our clients have come to learn that good advice up front can save a whole lot of problems on the back end.  

Real Estate   

Whether working with a home-buyer unfamiliar with the closing process, advising a bank on a multi-million dollar loan project, or helping a small business owner successfully negotiate a lease, as long as it has to do with real estate, I’m in! Living in the Texas Hill Country, we have had many clients who have retired here and have counted on our firm to help them navigate the purchase of their dream home or ranch. What they have told us they appreciate the most is our friendly attitude, attention to detail, regular and timely communication, and sound advice.

Estate Planning and Probate

Planning one’s “estate” conjures up for most people the idea of something very formal, somber and complicated. The bottom line is that we should all anticipate the fact that we may, at some time, need someone else to come in and help us manage our affairs. We WILL eventually need someone to manage the distribution of our assets, and other issues that arise at death. While the final documentation to address these issues can be technical, the process can be rewarding, if not enjoyable, if you have the right lawyer. Our clients appreciate the fact that we will take the time to listen to their particular needs and work with them to implement the right strategy to meet those needs. My goal at the end of any estate planning project is to leave with a client having confidently crossed off their list “get estate plan done” and have enough of an understanding about what they have that they will know how to spot changes in their circumstances that might affect their plan. For probate clients, we don’t just guide our clients through the process of settling an estate, we try to make it as easy on them as possible. For most people involved with a probate, the task can seem overwhelming; especially in light of the grief that accompanies the loss of loved one. We do everything we can to take care of them and complete the process as efficiently and stress-free as possible.


Along the way I’ve picked up a couple of degrees (Bachelor’s at Baylor – ’91; and law degree at Texas Tech – ’94); a board certification (Residential Real Estate Law – 2009), a beautiful wife and five sweet daughters. Other than one year spent with the District Attorney’s office in Trinity County, Texas (working with the late Joe Price – the “prosecutor’s prosecutor”), I have spent all of my 22 year career serving the Hill Country. I love what I do, and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and hear how I can help YOU!

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